We're here to reduce your fears and simplify your problems where owning a house is concerned. The most expensive purchase of your life doesn't need to be the most confusing … it is true that hidden problems can add to the cost of your home, but our home inspection reports will provide valuable insight into the condition of your home. Does the furnace heat the home adequately? Will the roof shingles last for a while? Does the basement leak? … Searchlight is in the business of answering these questions.

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Searchlight is local. We have 10+ years of experience inspecting west Michigan real estate. The owner is a life long member of the west Michigan community. The owner maintains a State of Michigan Residential Builders License and is HUD certified. You can trust us because we are your neighbor!


When ever it's best for you to come along! We want you to follow the inspector step by step as he goes through the home. We schedule Monday through Friday during the day and on the weekends (by exception, if it's the only way you can join us).

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